Green Valley Works


*seeks to serve the autism community with a family-service model by serving entire families with individual services and family services that foster wellness and growth for the entire family system.

*seeks to serve the gifted community by providing services unique to the needs of gifted individuals who offen experience ansynchronous development (intellect may surge forward while social skills lag behind) or grapple with other challenges (ability may be undermined by anxiety or school performance by perfentionism and self-doubt).

The needs are as individual as the people who experience them.

*seeks to serve the community at large by providing the benefits of mindfulness, yoga and other strategies for coping with this stressful life in a healthy, empowering way.

*seeks to provide a space where people can come together to share resources, experience the benefits of mindfulness, and hear presentations from area experts on topics that will range from "how law enforcement might learn to bettter understand the autism community" to "how to keep your child cyber safe in a world where bullies often target our kids with 'dares' that can result in legal vulnerability and a compromized future. 

Join us as we chart the course toward our  future with your input and expertise!