Back by popular demand, an opportunity for members of the family to grow and support the family social dynamic through mindfulness and yoga. Sessions will begin with a skill focus, social interaction, then move into mindfulness practice to transfer/intergrate the skill. Please consider the ages of all participants - children under the age of three or four may not find the practice beneficial to their stage of development in a mixed-age group. Speical appointment arrangements can be made for families with very young children.  Grandparents are also welcome! The yoga and mindfulness component of this practice will be very light, but do consider health limitations and participate only with the level of practice that suits your needs and health. Please contact to schedule a preactice for your family members. Limit 6 participants per session. More than one family may be present at the sessions. The price listed is for each member of the family group. 

Family Social Support through Mindfulness - Saturdays this spring by apt. only

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