Green Valley Works is an exciting and innovative new non-profit serving the high functioning autism community and gifted community. We are located in the Schertz/Cibolo/New Braunfels area, but welcome families from the wider community. Our belief is that through mindfulness, social skills training, work opportunities, family counseling, sibling support groups and day camps we can assist children and their families achieve rewarding, fulfilling futures. Children do not live in vacuums—they live in families. The members of those families often experiences challenges of their own, whether they are or are not related to the dynamic of autism, giftedness or mental health challenges in the home.

Attention to the mental health needs of all family members is equally important. Research shows that decreased parental stress results in decreased negative behaviors in children (and vice versa).

Working with parents as a couple or individually can foster improved emotional functioning that will benefit the family as a whole and the parents themselves.

The sibling relationship is the longest relationship of a lifetime. One day, siblings will become the primary support systems for each other. This dynamic comes with its own set of needs and challenges. Support of the siblings, whether it is social support by participating in support groups with similar siblings or receiving services to address any individual mental health needs, is as important as any service that we can offer your family.

Trauma, whether the result of bullying or a life event like a car accident, often impacts people on the autism spectrum even more significantly than it might someone else. Past trauma (abuse, crime) in the life of a parent or sibling will also have a unique impact on that person’s life and on the functioning of the family. Addressing the issues of trauma or substance use individually, but within the context of the family dynamic, is another important aspect of serving entire families.