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Mary Holman-Anderson,Founder and Director


An educator for over 20 years, Mary recognized a need for a deeper understanding of the mental health needs of the high functioning autism community as well as the mental health needs of gifted students in general.  Her goal is to serve children through supporting their unique learning and social needs as well as offer wellness support and life/learning strategies to families and the community of people who support children. 

Mary graduated December 2015 with her Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health from Lamar University. She received her be a Licensed Professional Counselor intern (LPCi) in July 2016 and is now working under the supervision of Dr. Roxanna Ramirez, LPC, LPCS, LMFT. Mary has completed specific certification training in  mindfulness-based therapies, autism support, the social and emotional needs of gifted children and youth (including Dabrowski's Over Excitibilities), Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Parent Child Interactive Therapy,  Applied Behavior Analysis, SibShops Sibling support groups, Seeking Safety (a treatment model for PTSD, trauma, and substance abuse) and crisis management and completed a 700-hour internship focused on working with families with a child on the autism spectrum to develop a whole-family wellness service model.

    Through the course of her career in education and her mental health internship, Mary recognized the dearth of services available for children on the autism spectrum and those who support them. She also recognized the even more scarce services for the family members of the children with specific learning needs and is dedicated to fostering family wellness as well as supporting parents in their efforts to advocate for their children in the educational setting.

Mindfulness-based Support Groups, Advocacy, Wellness, Mindfulness-based and Executive Function work, Life Skills, and Social Skills Groups are all services that will be offered at Green Valley Works.





Kristi Gold, Co-Founder/Parent Liaison

Kristi is the mother to two boys [one twice exceptional (Aspergers, ADHD); one twice energetic and gifted], as well as a precious baby daughter. She brings a wealth of boots-on-the-ground wisdom to supporting parents as they advocate for the specific learning needs of their child in the school setting. She is a part-time autism mommy blogger, part-time student, GVW web master, full-time chauffeur and finder of lost socks. She is a lover of books, coffee and shoes.  

She is happy to help you schedule appointments, answer questions and help in anyway she can.  She can be reached at