Click here to read Mary Holman-Anderson's full Literature Review.  Below is an excerpt.

"Because the therapeutic approach in which I am most interested is an emerging field, I found taking a divergent thinking process to be the most beneficial approach in order to begin a review of the current literature applicable to my topic. Divergent thinking explores seeming disparate ideas and pieces of information, then, using a funneling and filtering processes (convergent thinking), distills those disparate ideas into a structured, cohesive new whole—synthesis, if you will. Part of the goal of any research undertaking, including a review of literature, is to solve or more deeply understand a problem. If one simply follows one track, one will only find what has been discovered on that one track and will find only one solution—one that has already been found. But if one follows a more exploratory model–many paths, and tracks the paths that lead to each of those paths (reference sections from one article lead to information from many articles), the connectedness of the ideas begins to emerge, perhaps in a new light. That is not to say that I have created something new and earth shattering here, but as I began to look in new areas for research that related to my original topic (but with a broader lens), I found that others, too, are engaging in this thinking. As a result, this review is the synthesis of over 20 articles, some of which will be reviewed in more detail than others (in order to stay within the length guidelines of the assignment) but without culling those that helped build the bridges in my thinking which has resulted in future direction of my work."